Sunday, June 22, 2014

rusted reno!

Most of you probably don't associate FUN and RENO in the same sentence but it's been a FUN day of RENO at rusted market! 

 The gang all pitched in and we re-did our front counter area. 

Here's the before, while charming, it needed some OOMPH! (is that a word?)

the guys started early by removing the letters, lights and old chalk board...

the shenanigans begin early :)

oops, does our insurance cover that?  whew, no permanent damage!

a brief autograph session... (i think all the sugar 
from the donuts were kicking in...)

the rusty tin sheets went up first,

and then a brief trip to Lowe's for some lag bolts...

and the amazing beam floated like a three muskateers bar...

ok, maybe NOT like a knife through butter though... (wow, who knew there were bricks behind that drywall??

time to reattach our killer salvaged lights from the Re-Store... 
begging the question, just how many rusted gang member does it take to change a light fixture?  FOUR, the answer is FOUR

and, whew!

and, then the letters started to go back up...

very careful math was involved...(seriously!)

just a little more to the right...

and, voila!

 (insert pizza & beer break here...)

the check out counter (aka a former potting bench)
was wrapped in this aqua painted barn wood...

and...we sat back and admired the handiwork!

...and of course had to take a victory shot!

the rusted gang ROCKS it again!

...and that's how Reno's are FUN!!!